Frequently Asked Questions

Browsing the following inquiries will help clarify questions that prospective and existing chefs may have about using waterless cooking systems.  If you have any additional questions, please send us a message using the Contact Us link on the main menu.

How do I cook an egg in my Lifetime Waterless Cookware?

Please see our video tutorial on cooking "sunny side up" eggs by clicking here.

Clicking the link above will direct you to a video that shows an egg being properly prepared in your Lifetime Cookware.  When preparing egg dishes, use a product such as fat-free vegetable oil cooking spray, as eggs are pure protein with no natural oils.  You may also be interested in watching the DVD instructional video that contains important information for cooking such dishes.

How should I clean my waterless cookware?

Waterless cookware can be cleaned in a variety of ways. Washing your cookware by hand with warm soapy water is always an option.  You man also place pieces into a dishwasher, as all Lifetime Cookware is dishwasher safe.  If there are hard-water spots on the cookware, you may use a powdered cleanser such as the trail packet of Bar Keepers Friend®.  After rubbing the powder into a paste like consistency inside the cookware, you can then rinse and polish the stainless steel with a paper towel or washrag.