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What is Lifetime Cookware?

Lifetime Cookware is not your average stainless steel cookware.  While Lifetime is surgical grade stainless steel on the outside, the leading 5-Ply construction allows Lifetime to do things other stainless cookware cannot.  Cook without grease and oil, yet meats will not stick and burn.  Cook without water, yet vegetables will not stick and burn.  No water means no boiling, so there is no flavor transfer between foods.  Cook with lower heat, saving on gas or electric.  Magnetic, to work on magnetic induction cooktops.  Easy to clean.  Easy to store.  OK to use with metal spatulas and spoons.  Lifetime warranty.  Made in the USA for over 100 years.

Waterless And Greaseless Cooking

The concept of waterless and greaseless cooking has been around for a long time, but few methods have withstood the test of time.  Unlike most pans that use a non-stick coating to achieve greaseless cooking, a surgical grade stainless steel cooking surface is much more durable and sanitary. 

Simply preheat a Lifetime pan to a medium temperature, then add meats.  The natural oils in meat, combined with the very even cooking temperature created by the 5-Ply construction, will prevent sticking once the meat has browned.  Continue cooking on low heat once the meat has browned, as necessary depending on type of meat.

Cooking vegetables without water can be achieved by placing freshly washed vegetables in a cold pan, over medium heat.  The vapor seal lip will contain this minimal moisture in the pan.  When the pan reaches a medium heat, the cover begins to float/spin on a cushion of vapor pressure.  Reducing to low heat will create a vacuum, contained by the vapor seal lip.  While vegetables will be ready to eat quickly, you can continue cooking for hours on low heat without burning the food.  Browning a roast, then adding vegetables in the same pan is a tasty way to have greaseless and waterless benefits at the same time!  All waterless cookware can be used to "slow cook" dishes, however you'll find the food is simply ready and waiting if you decide to take the cover off sooner than expected.

If family is visiting and wants to prepare something, but is not familiar with waterless and greaseless cooking, no problem!  Lifetime Cookware works great for any favorite recipe or cooking style that involves water or oil, just cook as you would with typical stainless cookware.  However due to the 5-Ply construction, high heat is too much for anything except boiling, so stay between medium and low for best results.  You may find that your favorite recipe tastes better when the meat portion is prepared greaseless and the vegetable portion is prepared waterless, then combined.  Nearly all recipes can be adjusted this way.  While a dozen hard "boiled" eggs can be cooked in only 1/8th inch of water, boiling pasta and rice does require the usual amount of water.

5-Ply Construction

Lifetime Cookware is engineered with an industry leading 5-Ply construction.  This creates an extremely sturdy pan, resisting warping and denting.  Cookware that retains it's flat bottom will provide the most efficient connection with your stovetop, preventing hot spots in the pan, which are often the cause of sticking and burning in a cheap stainless steel pan.

T-304 Stainless Steel is a highly durable and sanitary cooking surface on the inside of the pan.  Aluminum is a very quick and even heating metal.  430 Magnetic Steel wraps the outside of the pan to provide a durable and polished finish, while allowing Lifetime Cookware to work on newer magnetic induction stoves and burners.

Even Heat And Vapor Seal Lip

Even heat is very important to cooking without grease and oils.  The 5-Ply construction provides the most even and forgiving cooking surface available, no need to worry if your pan is exactly centered on the burner, or if the gas flames are heating your pan evenly.

Cooking without water, as compared to boiling, can only be achieved if the pan retains the little moisture available inside.  Lifetime Cookware achieves this by cooking with water vapor in a vacuum, contained by the vapor seal lip between the pan and cover.  Think the opposite of a pressure cooker, with a similar effect.  The lip is also desiged to reduce "dribble" when pouring soups and stews from the pan.

Easy Cleanup And Dishwasher Safe

All Lifetime Cookware is dishwasher safe, including the electric oil core pieces.  Placing a hot pan under a cold faucet or sprayer will not warp the pan, due to the 5-Ply construction.  This is actually the easiest way to clean the pan.  Use a flat metal spatula to quickly remove food particles if needed.  Clean with soap and a non abrasive sponge as desired, or simply remove the handle and put the pan in the dishwasher.  Use phosphate-free diswasher detergent to prevent "clouding" of the mirror polish finish. 

If food is left to dry on the pan, a stainless steel cleaner such as Bar Keepers Friend powder can be used to make cleanup easier.  Or, simply fill the pan with a little water and bring to a medium heat, then clean as though you just finished cooking, using the cold water method described above.

Using metal tools such as a spatula will not harm the cookware.  The inside of the pan may become marked from metal on metal contact, but there is no non-stick coatings to be gentle with.  Using Bar Keepers Friend on the inside of the pan occasinally will keep them looking spot free!

Detachable Handles & Nesting Storage

Imagine fitting your entire set of cookware in the dishwasher.  Now you can, because all long handles are detachable, allowing you to pack them as bowls without an akward handle getting in the way.  Removing the long handles while cooking on the stovetop provides more space and helps avoid the possibility of small children reaching for handles connected to hot pans.

All handles are made of durable phenolic with stainless steel flame guards.  Handles and cover knobs stay cool to touch for safe handling during stovetop cooking and are oven-safe to 350ºF/177ºC.  Detachable long handles are all the same length and are interchangeable between pans.  In rare cases if needed, short handles and cover knobs can be unscrewed to exceed the 350ºF/177ºC oven limit.

No more problems stacking your cookware and fitting them neatly into your cabinets.  Lifetime is perfect for tight spaces such as  small kitchen cabines and RVs where space is a premium!  Just invert the covers to conveniently stack-nest Lifetime Cookware for compact storage.  Thanks to the removable long handles, you have even more options for neat, convenient and compact storage.  When not in use, place the handles inside the pans, on a shelf, or in a drawer.

Stack Cooking

There are always enough burners for the meal you are preparing with Lifetime's Stack Cooking options!  Stack cooking is a wonderful convenience, saving energy and space by allowing you to prepare several foods at one time using a single burner - or warm finished dishes while others cook.  Lifetime Cookware is specially designed to provide the uniform heat distribution through the dome lid, necessary for stack cooking.  Stack cooking is probably not an every-day use, but is very handy for large meals.

Environmentally Safe

For us, green is not simply a color, it's a commitment to environmental responsibility in the development of our products, processes and logistics.  From the way we manufacture all the way to the minimized, recycle-friendly packaging of our products, we have procedures in place to minimize our environmental impact and we continue to explore new opportunities to be green - by design!

Made In The USA Since 1909!

Lifetime Cookware is a product of West Bend Cookware by Regal Ware, Inc.  In 2002, Regal Ware acquired The West Bend Company and the strengths of these two waterless cookware industry leaders became one.  All waterless cookware products by both historic brands are now proudly produced at the West Bend, WI plant.