Made in the USA - since 1909

A product of West Bend Cookware by Regal Ware, the Lifetime cookware collection of waterless and greaseless, stainless steel pieces have stood the test of time.  It is backed by over 100 years of manufacturing expertise and a Lifetime Warranty.

Preparing food is healthy and easy!

Although Lifetime can be used for all kinds of cooking, it is specially designed to use the minimum moisture method, also known as waterless or vapor cooking.

Food preparation processes like peeling, cooking with excessive heat, adding fats and oils, boiling, oxidation and draining can significantly deteriorate food values, in some cases as much as nearly 50%.  With Lifetime you can roast or fry chicken, fish and meat without adding grease or oil, and you can cook vegetables without covering them with water!

Foods literally baste in their own natural juices while they cook.  Your foods will retain more nutrients, come out moist and flavorful, and they will be a lot healthier for you and your family without all the added fat!  Healthy cooking, healthy living... that's the Lifetime difference!



The cookware you use can make a difference in the health of your family.

What you choose to eat can affect how you look, how you feel - even how long you live.  The way you prepare those foods also makes a difference.  Improper preparation can result in losses to the nutritional value of food we eat.

A family of four can consume up to 2.5 tons of food per year.  Quality cookware can save you nutrients, time, energy and money.

Lifetime products make a difference through lasting value by providing a way to cook that is more nutritious and healthy... that's the Lifetime difference!