Special Set

The Special Set is ideal for singles and couples, containing pieces one step smaller than those found in the Intermediate Set.  Use the photo buttons to view all of the pieces included in this set:

3/4 Quart & Cover

2 Quart & Cover

4 Quart & Cover (Cover also fits 8in Skillet)

8 Inch Skillet
Jr Dome Cover (Fits 4qt, 8in Skillet, Jr Steamer / Colander)

Jr Steamer / Colander (Fits 3/4qt, 8in Skillet)


Flat Covers and Dome Covers are interchangeable on several pieces.  Every piece can be enclosed simultaneously.  Some pieces can also be used with the Intermediate Set.

Already own the Special Set?  If you are within your price-freeze period, you can upgrade to the Standard Set for the difference in cost of your current set, rather than purchasing the Intermediate Set at full cost.  The Standard Set is a combination of the Special Set and Intermediate Set.

As a current owner within the price-freeze period, you can also compliment your Special Set with discounted individual pieces and specialized pieces that are not a part of any set.  Browse individual pieces and contact us to learn more.

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