Cookware Sets

Lifetime Cookware can be purchased in sets of various sizes at a discount package price.  Choose a set below to learn about the individual pieces it contains.

Special Set
(9 Piece)

Intermediate Set
(10 Piece)

Standard Set
(Special + Intermediate)

Premium Set
(14 Piece)
Complete Kitchen
(Standard + Premium)

Stock Pot Set
(3 Piece)

Gourmet Trio
(3 Piece)

Bakeware Set
(6 Piece)


Already own a set?  If you are within your price-freeze period, you can upgrade to a larger set for the difference in cost of your current set.  You may also provide an alternate shipping address if you intend to purchase an upgrade as a wedding present, or as a gift to a child or grandchild.  Please contact us to learn more.

As a current owner, you can also upgrade your set by purchasing individual pieces. Browse individual pieces and contact us to learn more.

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